Aluminium ●Very Strong● Security Shutters

Modern Meets Security:

Vincent Security is proud of our ●Very Strong● range of security screens and we are confident that we can offer a product that meets all your security & practicality needs. Our Aluminium ●Very Strong● Security Shutters offers an alternative security solution to regular security screens. Our Technical Sales Consultants are happy to take the time to discuss what your needs are and offer advice based on over 40 years industry experience. We understand and recognise that homeowners want a product that fits in with the aesthetics and design of their home whilst maintaining functionality. Our self-imposed high standards for products and installation mean you can be assured we are selecting the optimum materials and manufacturing the sturdiest design for all configurations for your home.


As with all our products at Vincent Security, we never compromise on the strength of the componentry we use. Our Aluminium shutters offer your home heightened security that is unrivalled by any product on the market and is guaranteed to exceed the Australian Standard 5039-2008. One of the main reasons that we have been so successful with our range is that we are continually searching for the perfect accessories to improve our designs. By managing the production process ourselves, we can stringently monitor the quality of our materials, as well as the finished goods. All shutters are manufactured with locks as the standard.


One of our foremost requirements when designing this plantation-style product is that it suits your home’s aesthetics. Our range can be installed to any home from a traditional Australian ‘Queenslander’ style home to more modern designed houses and everything in between. Aluminium is a smooth, sleek, and durable but lightweight material. The final product is styled based on its traditional origins, dating back to colonial times. Retaining all the benefits that allow it to adapt perfectly to the latest trends and changing Queensland climate.


Security is our business, and we take it very seriously. With that being said, the function of our Aluminium ●Very Strong● Security Shutters extends far beyond security alone. Some of the benefits you will experience include a well ventilated and more energy efficient home. This multipurpose product will do away with the need for traditional security screens, blinds, curtains, and privacy screening.

We offer several fitting configurations that allow you to be as comfortable as possible. You can adjust to the weather conditions to open on a hot day and close them partially or fully during cooler months or periods of rain. Protect your home’s interior from direct sunlight by altering the angles of the shutter blades to improve the privacy and lighting of your living space whilst maintaining the appropriate ventilation. They also have the capacity to be fitted with detachable fly screens preventing unpleasant insects in the home.

Why Vincent Security Is Leading The Industry:

We have taken our industry knowledge and experience to develop our ●Very Strong● security screen products, of which our Shutters are a popular choice. We provide an extra free service for all orders to be check measured, to ensure that we are getting it right from the beginning as to not inconvenience you during the process. Our own onsite manufacturing facility enables us to closely monitor your product from start to finish. From our knowledgeable sales team to our skilled production team, our customer service becomes second to none in making sure you are happy and kept up to date with all aspects of your purchase. All installations are issued with Warranty information which explains how to care for and clean your new shutters. All installations are done by our qualified employees that take the time needed to make sure your product is installed correctly, and they will also clean up before they leave.

If you would like to organise to meet with one of our Technical Sales Consultants for a free in-home measure and quote to see what ●Very Strong● security screen products we can offer for your budget or needs, call our team on 3849 4555.

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