The Crimsafe Profile

Why Crimsafe is the best option for security screens:

Crimsafe is an Australian based company, originally created in Queensland, which began manufacturing in 1996. It is an Australian made product and was created due to demand of consumers who wanted a product that not only provided security and insect screening but also provided good airflow, visibility and was atheistically pleasing.

How Crimsafe is manufactured:

  1. Very Strong Crimsafe frame, a new heavier frame designed for maximum protection.
  2. Screw-Clamped System, exclusive to Crimsafe, where the SS screw is driven through the clamp and mesh and into the VS Crimsafe Frame to give surpassed strength.
  3. Crimsafe High Tensile 0.9mm Stainless Steel Woven Mesh with specifically designed Dulux coating to give commercial grade UV fade resistance for a longer life and easier cleaning.
  4. The Patented screw-Clamp and hook feature transfers the force of impacts around the VS Crimsafe frame and is able to withstand enormous impacts.
  5. New Santoprene bead between the stainless steel and aluminium makes for easier cleaning and greater corrosion resistance even in coastal areas by isolating the two metals.