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Crimsafe Safe S Cape
Crimsafe Enclosures

The reason Vincent Security became a Crimsafe licensed manufacturer in Brisbane was that Crimsafe security screens are the strongest system of its type and like us have an active R&D team to continuously improve product performance, it was a natural inclusion to the Very Strong (VS) range of Security Screen Doors. Crimsafe security screens have revolutionised the security screen market.

Crimsafe Security Screens

Crimsafe security doors and screens give you the security you need without sacrificing the look and feel of your home. The advantage of the Crimsafe security screens is that you have a mossie and security screen in one by using a high tensile woven Stainless Steel mesh that is held in place by the Crimsafe patented Screw-ClampedTM method.

Crimsafe Inside
Crimsafe Outside

Our Installation Method

Very Strong Crimsafe Door installations only use Ultra Strength Lockwood Triple locks on all Crimsafe security doors. Hinged Very Strong Crimsafe door installation in timber doorways have Step Over Hinges & Strikers this gives up to 5 times the strength of a standard installation.

Our Very Strong Interlocks are used on all Crimsafe Sliding door installations, this allows for twice the depth of engagement than a standard installation making it much harder to attack for an intruder. Our installation methods are tested and passed Australian Standard 5039 2008 with or without midrails in our Very Strong Crimsafe security doors. Very Strong Crimsafe window security grilles are installed using a new heavier frame designed for even greater security and peace of mind

For the very best Crimsafe security screens and doors in Brisbane – speak to one of our sales reps who can recommend the best security solution for your home.

Crimsafe Hinged Safe-S-Cape

You can’t put a price on safety

Securing your home doesn’t need to be trap in case of a fire, Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape screens are a hinged securing system and allows for you to get out quickly in an emergency without looking for a key while still maintaining your security from the outside. Ask our consultants to show you a sample suitable for Sliding & Double Hung windows and they make cleaning your windows easily.

Sliding Safe-S-Cape

If you have Timber Casement or Awning style windows which you need to push out to open then the sliding Safe S Cape lets you do this easily without a key using a slim line locking bar instead. Because you cant get your hand though the Crimsafe Stainless Steel mesh from the out side your security maintained This type of screen is also an stylish answer to securing your kitchen server window.

Patio Enclosure

We can offer a Crimsafe solution for your alfresco area with Patio Enclosure screens, Bi folds and Stacker doors letting you enjoy these spaces without the flies and mozzies while securing a large area to keep your family safe while enjoying your breezes.

Buy your Crimsafe security screen from us & you will enjoy a range of benefits.
We offer a range of 50 different powder coat colors for our Crimsafe products, Did you know that we assemble the frames first then powder coat them this prevents any scratches on your job to ensure we deliver the quality people expect from a Vincent Security product. Your Crimsafe products are measured by trained professionals who come to your home to quote the job so we can custom make for a perfect fit by our trained installation staff who are experienced, punctual, and tidy.

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