Crimsafe Safe S Cape

VS Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape Security Screens

Most security screens on the market are designed to provide maximum security from the outside, however, what happens when the threat is internal? Locking the house down is great but are you also locking yourself in? Whether there’s an internal fire or an other unforeseen emergency that requires you to quickly exit through the window, Crimsafe has designed a hinged or sliding security screen to allow you to exit with ease, while simultaneously ensuring maximum security from the outside to protect you from external threats. You can unlock them from the inside with the push of a keyless latch and because you want to have the easiest exit possible, you get to decide whether the screen swings in or out when it’s opened. Safe-S-Cape Security Screens don’t require you to mess around with a key which is a good and fast way to get out of your home in an emergency, especially if time is a main factor.

VS Crimsafe keyless exit security screen options:

  • Safe-s-cape, a hinged screen, being able to either outswing or inswing from the window
  • Single Sliding Screen for various configurations
  • Double or Triple Sliding Screen for servery windows

Why choose Vincent Security?

We understand that a house doesn’t feel like a home unless it’s equipped with the right security. Our services are flexible and tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you only need one window or a complete home solution, no job is too big or too small for our team. Our team is experienced, punctual and tidy and you can count on us to get the job done on time, without sacrificing attention to detail!

The VS Welded 7mm Diamond range has been tested and passed the Australian Standard (5039-2008), so you can be assured that you’re investing in a high quality product. The VS Welded 7mm Diamond security screen range is unrivaled in durability, quality, value for money and designed so that you can go to bed at night and have your windows open to enjoy a cool breeze but at the same time keeping the bugs out and your family secure inside. Just think of how much you could save on energy costs by not having the AC running all night!

If you would like to see if this product is suitable for your home to help protect your family, give the team a call on 3849 4555 to arrange an onsite measure and quote.

Why is VS Crimsafe the best option?

Opting for additional home security shouldn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. With Crimsafe, you can enjoy contemporary designs and optimal security with a range of extra functional benefits should you want a customised security screen solution. Wondering why Crimsafe is revolutionising the industry? It’s simple:

  • Superior strength against impact
  • Knife attack resistance
  • No leverage for tooled attacks
  • Too resilient to plough down
  • Highly-rated for balustrade and fencing
  • Won’t corrode due to harsh conditions
  • Designed specifically for Australian weather conditions
  • Storm protection
  • Bushfire resistance
  • Insect resistance

At Vincent Security, we’re experts in home safety and are proud to be a leading manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe security screens in Brisbane. For more information on our services or to book in a free measure and quote, please contact our team today on 07 3849 4555.

Remember, if it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not Crim-Safe!