Crimsafe ●Very Strong● Security Safe-S-Cape Screens

Most security screens on the market are designed to provide maximum security from the outside, however, what happens when the threat is internal? Locking the house down is great but are you also locking yourself in? Whether there’s an internal fire or another unforeseen emergency that requires you to quickly exit through the window, Vincent Security manufacturers a Crimsafe ●Very Strong● Security Safe-S-Cape Screen to allow you to exit with ease, while simultaneously ensuring maximum security from the outside to protect you from external threats. You can unlock them from the inside with the push of a keyless latch and because you want to have the easiest exit possible, you get to decide whether the screen swings in or out or slides to open. Safe-S-Cape Security Screens don’t require you to mess around with a key which is a good and fast way to get out of your home in an emergency, especially if time is a main factor.

Remember if it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not Crim-Safe!

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