Crimsafe ●Very Strong● Security Hinged Doors

When you secure the entry door to your home with Crimsafe ●Very Strong● Security Hinged Doors, you can leave your timber door open to catch the breeze without worrying about who or what is trying to get in or out. Vincent Security’s security screen doors give you the maximum level of security you need without sacrificing the look and design of your home.

The Crimsafe high tensile woven stainless-steel mesh, which is securely held in place by the Crimsafe patented screw-clamped™ method, makes it still the strongest stainless steel security screen product on the market today while keeping inside free from unwanted bugs and guests.

Double Hinged ‘French’ Doors:

Many Queenslander style homes have beautiful French doors designed with the idea of keeping the doors open as much as possible to keep the house cool but how can you secure them without spoiling the look of your home? Vincent Security’s Crimsafe French security screen doors come with 5 locking points, a Triple Lock and two Flush Bolts, to secure your doors but this won’t detract the view through the mesh.

Crimsafe’s French doors can open outwards or inwards, depending on the configuration of your glass or timber doors. If you are planning on creating a new doorway, we would suggest the glass or timber doors should open out and that the security screen doors hinge inwards. The reason being that the only time you open your Crimsafe doors is to walk through them or to open the other doors up, so you can still utilize your internal floor space.

Our ●Very Strong● Installation Method Using High Quality Componentry:

As an authorised Crimsafe licensee, all Vincent Security installation methods are tested and passed to exceed the Australian Standard 5039 2008 using Ultra Strength, Lockwood Triple Locks and Heavy-Duty step-over hinges and strikers that give up to 5 times the strength of a standard installation, even if you have soft wood timber jambs. This also includes Crimsafe doors with or without mid-rails, so you can have a choice of the look you want. We recommend having a mid-rail as Crimsafe’s stainless steel woven mesh is quite transparent and when it is dark, or if you have a visual impairment, you are unable to judge if the doors are open or closed. A mid-rail can be used to avoid having an accident by colliding with the mesh. 

Vincent Security custom makes each door after it has been measured by our experienced staff because we know that not all doorways are perfect and how well the door fits is a key part of how strong your security screen door will be. We don’t use subcontractors to install our security screen doors, a way that we are better able to give you a quality installation by enabling our installer enough time to give your door the attention it needs to make it secure for your home.

For advice on the best options of Vincent Security’s ●Very Strong● security screen doors, call our team and organise to speak to one of our Technical Sales Consultants who will work with your needs and budget to find the solution for your home. Call us on 3849 4555.

Remember if it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not Crim-Safe!

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