Helpful Hints To Keep Children Safe During Summer

Helpful Hints To Keep Children Safe During Summer

Vincent Security knows that despite Australia’s extremes of heat, humidity and periodic severe weather events, Summer is still a favourite time of year, especially for our kids. School holidays and our festive Christmas/New Year celebrations are held over this vibrant season and safety is always a concern for parents, but Summer presents its own unique considerations.

Home safety, during summer, is a major concern considering that we are spending more time relaxing and trying to keep cool. We are also welcoming visitors into our home and keeping them safe, in an unfamiliar place, can also come with challenges. One of the risks to focus on is fall prevention and keeping children safe around open windows. Vincent Security can help with a •Very Strong• product to suit most situations.

Window Security Screens – Children And Falls

One of the most pleasant things about summer in southeast Queensland is the ability to open your home to let balmy breezes flow through on a sweltering day. Having your windows open is a fantastic way to use this breeze and cool down your home whilst also saving on air conditioning costs and promoting a healthier, greener environment.

Yet this can pose significant risks to your children. Without safe, secure window screens installed on all your windows, especially those openings above ground-level, kids can – and do – fall out of open windows.

Children most commonly fall from windows due to:

  • Furniture placed beneath openable windows
  • Failure of fly screens to protect open windows
  • The older, non-safety glass used for windows

Vincent Security wants to make it easy for you to keep your children safe near windows. With a range of •Very Strong• window screens solutions for all budgets, you can rest assured that even with your windows opened all the way, your kids will be safe. Security window screens will also help keep insects and unwanted visitors out.

Pool And Water Safety Screens – Compliance For Doors, Windows, And Balconies

Another risk to children during summer is drownings. Swimming pools should be fun. However, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children aged under 5 years. To meet the compliance conditions, Vincent Security can help with installing security screens to all windows and doors that meet these requirements.

Pool safety laws are changing every year and to make sure you have the most relevant and update information, please visit

Stay Safe With Vincent Security

Install your •Very Strong• security window screens with Vincent Security. Our Australian owned and made products manufactured in Mansfield, has been helping Brisbane stay safe at home and work for more than forty years. We are proud to be leaders in innovative, modern security screen solutions that look great, and we deliver on our promises with good old-fashioned customer service. The safety and security of your home and family is our utmost concern, with a product to suit all budgets.

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