Buying Australian Made – Why It’s Important (Vincent Security #1402)

Buying Australian Made – Why It’s Important (Vincent Security #1402)

We live in a global economy, and as such, are spoiled for choice when it comes to sourcing and purchasing the goods we need, with products available from every corner of the world. Shopping online has also never been easier.

There are, however, a number of important reasons why it makes sense to buy Australian made products from Australian-Owned companies.

Vincent Security is an Australian owned company providing Australian made security screens and doors to the Brisbane and southeast Queensland market.

Australian Made – What Does it Mean?

Australian Made certification encourages consumers to seek to buy Australian products, in turn supporting the local economy.

According to a 2019 survey, 90% of Australians prefer to buy Australian made when the option is available.

All products should carry a Country of Origin label. This refers to the country in which a product is manufactured, grown, or otherwise produced. This labelling is a legal requirement and is governed by various rules and regulations. It enables consumers to make an informed decision before they purchase.

The easily recognisable Australian Made logo of a gold kangaroo on a green background not only denotes a locally made (or grown) product, but also a guarantee of quality. It is a highly trusted certification.

Australian Owned certification was established in 2020 to support businesses owned in Australia and by Australians. It was created as part of an initiative help rebuild Australia’s economy during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

To qualify as a member of the Australian Owned Network, the company must:

  • Have at least 80% authentic Australian ownership
  • Be an Australian company for Tax purposes
  • Be transparent and keep profits within Australia
Why Support Australian Manufacturers and Businesses?

It is important, as Australians, that we support Australian manufacturers, farmers, producers, and businesses.

Buying Australian made delivers:

Australia is renowned worldwide for producing some of the world’s best and safest products. Our quality and safety standards are legislated and meet/exceed those anywhere else globally. Our good are made well and made to last. When you choose locally made products from local companies, you are also supported by local customer service, parts, and maintenance.

See where the components of your product and packaging have been produced – understand that something may be Australian made from imported parts or Australian made from Australian made components. The most sustainable products that are best for our economy will be locally made from local supply chains.

Consumers save money when they purchase products grown or made in Australia, eliminating the costs of international shipping and import taxes.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on global supply chains, making products unavailable and delivery of others incredibly slow. Locally-sourced and produced goods have not been as affected by this – meaning that Australians win when we are self-sufficient.

Put Australian dollars back into the Australian economy. Buying Australian made from Australian owned businesses supports Australian jobs and places more money in the pockets of everyday Australians. This has a flow-on effect of people here not only paying tax in our country to support local infrastructure and initiatives but also boosts local incomes – and this means local consumers spend more within Australia. Further, when you purchase from local suppliers and small businesses, you build resilience in your town or city’s workforce and economy to strengthen your community.

Yes, Australian made does sometimes mean paying a little more than for items made in certain other nations. This is because other countries do not treat workers fairly or provide safe working conditions (quality and safety of the finished product are also often not guaranteed). Buy Australian made and owned to guarantee employee rights and working conditions for guilt-free and ethical merchandise.

from base material production to manufacturing, packaging and delivery, and disposal and recyclability, locally-made and sourced products translate to decreased emissions, shorter shipping distances, and environmental accountability. This is important for the future of our planet as well as being appealing to consumers.

Buy Australian Made At Vincent Security

Vincent Security is certified as an Australian Made and Owned company and has a unique Australian Owned Number 1402.

Crimsafe is also certified as Australian Made.

Vincent Security is proud to be a completely Australian owned company with forty years in our industry. Specialising in Brisbane security screens and doors, we manufacture all our products right here in our Brisbane warehouse with an Australian workforce.

Choose Vincent Security for superior, locally made security screen and door products in Brisbane and the surrounding area. Call us today to discuss our security screens solutions or for an obligation-free measure and quote on (07) 3849 4555. Alternatively, email us on