SUMMER IS COMING! Stay cool with Crimsafe security doors and screens

SUMMER IS COMING! Stay cool with Crimsafe security doors and screens

Most Brisbane homes are designed with keeping cool in summer as a high priority, having air flow though your home is a key part of this design

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors and Crimsafe screens let you open up your doors and windows to allow for a cool breeze while keeping out the insects and intruders.

Advantages of having your Crimsafe Security Screens and doors installed and ready for summer…

• No need to close everything up every time you leave the house, so you come home to a cooler house
• Go to bed at night with your windows wide open and sleep soundly knowing you are protected by Australia’s strongest range to security doors and screens.
• Crimsafe lets you keep your view with a great see though look no old fashion bars or grilles
• Crimsafe uses a specialty designed Tensile-Tuff 0.9mm Stainless steel mesh so that it is very hard to cut so you never need to worry about dogs, cats or Kids wrecking the fly wire.
• Independent studies show that your Crimsafe screens can cut down on solar heat gain by up to 53%, adding to the energy efficiency of your doors or windows and save on any air conditioning cost
• Crimsafe security screens and doors provide a 10 year warranty, with the option to extend your warranty to 12 years (Crimsafe Regular) or 15 years (Crimsafe Ultimate).
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