SUMMER IS COMING! Stay Cool And Safe With Vincent Security’s •Very Strong• Crimsafe Products

SUMMER IS COMING! Stay Cool And Safe With Vincent Security’s •Very Strong• Crimsafe Products

Most Brisbane homes are designed with keeping cool in summer as a high priority. Having sufficient air flow is a key part of enjoying the comforts and safety of your own home. Vincent Security’s Crimsafe •Very Strong• security screen doors and windows let you open your doors and windows to allow for a cool breeze while keeping out the insects and unwanted guests.

Lifestyle Advantages Of Having Your Crimsafe Very StrongProducts Installed And Ready For Summer


Crimsafe’s 304 grade tensile stainless steel mesh 0.9mm in diameter. This is up to 26% thicker on the cross section than most comparable products on the market, making it harder to cut or penetrate. If it’s not Crimsafe, it’s not Crim-Safe!


Crimsafe’s stainless steel mesh provides maximum security without obscuring your view. Powder-coated mesh and frames have been designed to create simple, clean lines that enhance and compliment your home.


The aperture size in the Crimsafe Stainless Steel mesh is 1.5mm x 1.5mm, which means Crimsafe does not impede your view or breeze in any substantial way. The Standard Fibreglass Flyscreen has an aperture size of approx. 1.5 x 1.3mm.


Have you ever had to replace a flyscreen due to rips from kids or animals? You will be happy to know, Crimsafe is impenetrable by dogs, cats, birds, and children.


The holes in Crimsafe’s security mesh are just slightly larger than regular flyscreen, but the mesh is more secure. It will prevent bugs and creatures entering your home when you open your home.


Up to 40% of household heat gain and loss occurs through glass windows and doors! Crimsafe is proven to improve energy efficiency, including cooling and heat retention. This is verified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme.


Crimsafe has created a unique Safe-S-Cape®- a keyless hinged/sliding security screen featuring a slimline locking bar only accessible from the inside. The Safe-S-Cape® provides an opportunity for a quick escape for fires or other immediate threats that can come from inside your property, but still provides complete security and protection from the outside.


Crimsafe screens have been vigorously tested against Corrosion by subjecting the Crimsafe screens to 3,000 hours of prohesion (method of cyclic accelerated corrosion testing) salt spray testing, simulating 30 years of environmental exposure, with no corrosion, no loss of adhesion and no blistering.


That’s Right! Crimsafe products have a standard 10 year warranty, and they will offer you a free extended warranty if you register your warranty with Crimsafe after you have had your products installed. Visit their site NOW THAT’S CONFIDENCE!

Why Choose Vincent Security?

Vincent Security, established in 1970, is a Queensland-owned and operated business specialising in security screens and doors. We manufacture and install security screens and have been under the same management for more than thirty years. We have a great reputation in terms of product quality and customer service. The safety and security of your family and your home are paramount, and we help you to make the best decision for securing your home, business, or commercial project, selecting the products to most suit your needs and budget and to keep your family safe.

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