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A good quality window screen is nothing short of essential in a Queensland home. Our climate is such that hot summers necessitate open windows to catch those cooling breezes, however this can also be an invitation to unwelcome visitors of the insect and arachnid variety. Window screens allow for all the benefits of an open window, without the incommodious insect intruders and as such, are a valuable addition to all homes.

Here at Vincent Security, we strive to offer the finest quality window screens and in doing so we recognise that unfortunately, insects are not the only intruders of which to be aware. We believe that security is paramount and as a result, we seek to offer our valued customers window screens that not only inhibit unwelcome insects, but also unscrupulous individuals form entering your home.

Vincent Security’s window screens

We at Vincent Security recognise the dynamic consumer requirements of our customers and we strive to meet these expectations and even exceed them. To achieve this, we offer some of the highest quality window screens on the market and two of these varieties are listed below.


One of the leading security brands on the market, Crimsafe products are constructed using a patented system that is unmatched by its competitors in strength and security. Often, we encounter individuals who seek nylon fly-screens to cover their windows and our recommendation to those in this category is always the same: Crimsafe. The low profile, stainless steel woven mesh is powder coated black and offers protection that is far superior to that of its nylon fly screen counterparts. The revolutionary Screw-Clamped™ attachment method ensures that the screen cannot be kicked, pulled, cut or levered out of position. Not only does it offer this superior security, but also it provides your home with unmatched protection from insects and other such uninvited guests. The powder coated black stainless steel is lower maintenance than nylon and has a far longer lifespan, making Crimsafe a far preferable alternative to a standard fly screen or window screen and a welcome addition to our Vincent Security range of VS (Very Strong) products.

VS (Very Strong) aluminium window screens

Our extensive experience in the home-security industry has allowed to develop our own range of effective, high quality window screens and one of the very popular amongst these, is our Very Strong aluminium screens. Our range of VS screens has been developed as a high security, high quality alternative to a standard fly screen and there are many factors that make them superior.


During our 45 years of service to the home security industry, we have recognised that there are a multitude of ways in which an intruder might wish to break into your home. We considered these in great detail and produced our VS window screens to account for them and offer consumers the ultimate in home protection. Our VS screens have a heavy-duty frame constructed from aluminium. To this, we attach the 7mm aluminium mesh – designed in a timeless ‘diamond’ pattern – using deeply penetrating and proficiently applied welds. This accounts for high-impact forces such as kicking or pushing and ensures that your home will be protected from those attempting to enter in such a manner.


Many of our competitors’ window screens are compromised in quality by the components from which they are constructed. We recognise that the weakness of many screens lies in their components and to address this, we have sourced the highest quality mechanisms and components for our range of window screens. One of the most notable of these is the Lockwood ultra strength triple lock system, which is well regarded as the most resilient lock in its class. Further to this, we have developed the VS interlocking system – unique to our range of Very Strong sliding screens. This inhibits the rear of the screen being pulled from its tracks, as this is a common means by which to bypass screens of a lesser quality than our own. For hinged screens, we use specialised locking plates and hinges that incorporate twice as many screws. These are installed adroitly into the doorjamb by our team of competent professionals and will guarantee you a strength that is unmatched by other screens. The entire unit is finished with a high quality screen that has the capacity to block insects from your home and is reinforced with the strength of the welded aluminium mesh and frame.

The properties of our window screens

The range of window screens that we offer here at Vincent Security is second to none and all of our screens are the product of over 40 years industry experience. In producing our range, we demand that our goods fulfil a number of our self-imposed criteria. Some of the more pertinent aspects that we require of our products are listed below.


Out foremost priority in our products is their security utility. Security is our business and we take it very seriously – we demand the same security for our customers, as we would seek for our own homes. For this reason, we have developed our VS range, which includes the highest quality Crimsafe security solutions. The patented design of our Crimsafe products provides your home with up to five times the strength of a standard installation and this is simply unmatched by its competitors. We accept however, that consumers want variety and for this reason we have developed our Very Strong welded aluminium screens. These offer a different, more traditional style of security screen that is applicable on windows or doorways and also offers extensive security. Our VS aluminium screens are both lightweight and extremely strong, which ensures that you get the optimum security without compromising on practicality or functionality. We even offer a number of installations on safety s-cap hinges. This allow screens to be opened easily from the inside and ensures that you and your family will have an easy exit in an emergency such as a fire, with the assurance that your homes exterior remains fully secured.


With 45 years industry experience, we have been able to adapt to the dynamic market and meet the needs of our customers consistently. Part of this, is delivering products that are not only highly functional, strong and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our Crimsafe products are sleek, understated and lustrous, thanks to their effective design and woven stainless steel construction. Additionally, we are able to powder coat our products using the highest quality Dulux and Interpon paints. This adds to the lustre of the screen, as well as its durability. Our Very Strong welded aluminium screens are also of unrivalled visual appeal and this is thanks to its traditional design with the ‘diamond’ patterned aluminium, which is neatly welded to the low-profile frame of the screen. These too are powder coated in our own manufacturing facilities and are available in a variety of colours – you can simply enquire at Vincent Security today and our experienced team of professionals will happily explain to you the depth of your options.

What other benefits do our screens offer?

It goes without saying that our screens offer you the highest possible standard of security, as well as protection from flies, mosquitoes and all other unwelcome insects. This is not all they can offer, however. In excess of thirty per cent of a home’s solar heat is gained through your windows and this can result in your home reaching very uncomfortable living temperatures, especially when considering the heat of Brisbane’s summer. Our Very Strong range of both Crimsafe screens and welded aluminium screens can mitigate this for you and there are several reasons therefor.

Our Crimsafe screens come powder coated black and we are often asked why this is the only colour available. The fact is, that black screens have the same effect on your window as tinting does – however it allows cooling breezes to enter your home. The black Crimsafe screen will restrict much of the sun’s heat and this will shade your home considerably. When coupled with the summer breezes and open airflow, a Crimsafe security screen has the capacity to drastically reduce the temperature of your home’s interior and consequently lessen the need for fans or air conditioning. This has a direct bearing on your home’s efficiency and can subsequently decrease the cost of your energy bill. The same is true of our VS welded aluminium screens – the benefits of a window screen are multifarious and the range, quality and durability of Vincent Security’s products are unrivalled in the Brisbane market.

Do our window screens inhibit your view?

A question we are frequently faced with by prospective customers is whether or not our Crimsafe and VS aluminium screens will impede upon the views of their home. A common misconception is that our screens will lessen the quality of a home’s view and this misapprehension is inevitably sourced from our product’s capacity to shade your home so significantly. Fortunately, our products offer you shade and insulation at no expense to your view. It could almost be considered as having the same effect as sunglasses – the outlook remains just as vivid, but without the irritating glare that is often present when the sun is at its peak. Additionally, much of our range can be installed on hinges, tracks, bi-fold mechanisms or even stacks and this allows them to be opened and closed at your convenience and to your desired extent

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