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Here at Vincent Security, it is our upmost priority to bring you the widest possible variety of barrier security solutions and from this, has stemmed our range of top quality security shutters – the best in Brisbane. We recognise that homeowners seek security solutions that are compatible with their lifestyle, as well as the aesthetic and design of their home. With this in mind, we have developed a highly effective and creative solution for your security needs and more.

Aluminium Security Shutters

Our 45 years industry experience has allowed us to take practical steps in selecting the optimum materials and designs for our security shutters. Amongst the most effective of these, is our aluminium security shutters and there are a multitude of reasons for this.


One of our foremost requirements when designing our products is their aesthetic appeal. It is undeniable that homeowners are likely to be deterred by certain security installations if they are unsightly or poorly suited to the ambience of their home. For this reason, we at Vincent Security have taken considerable measures to ensure that our range of aluminium shutters is the most visually appealing in Brisbane. Shutters have strong origins in colonial times, during which fixed timber shutters were favoured over the more conventional windows. The result of this today is a timeless appearance that is particularly in keeping with the classic Australian architecture and heritage that is prevalent across Brisbane. Our range can be tailored to any home from a traditional ‘Queenslander’ style home, to more modern houses and everything in between. Arguably one of the primary reasons for their sleek and beautifully understated appeal is the material from which they are constructed. Aluminium is a smooth and appealing product by virtue of its very nature and the result of this, is some of the most attractive security shutters on the market. Our manufacturing facilities include powder-coating instruments and this allows us to work in conjunction with your specifications and provide you with functional and aesthetically satisfying shutters that are available in a selection of colours. The final product is consequently one that recognises its traditional origins and retains all the benefits inherent thereof, yet adapts perfectly to the dynamic nature of today’s houses, trends and environment.


The functionality of our aluminium security shutters extends far beyond that of security alone. Security is our business and we take it very seriously, however we refuse to limit our products to being of that utility alone. Here at Vincent Security, we recognise that achieving the best quality product on the market means going above and beyond. With this in mind, we have designed our aluminium shutters to be such that your home will not only become more secure, but also more energy efficient and more comfortable. There are several ways in which we have done this and each is the result of careful consideration to environmental and design factors. Firstly, we have ensured that our aluminium shutters can offer our valued customers efficient ventilation. We offer a number of hinges and fittings that allow for a variety of motion between each style of shutter. As such, they will have the adjustability that you desire and you will able to open and close them to varying extents – you may wish to open them fully on a hot day or as you cook. Alternatively, you can close them partially or fully during cooler months or periods of rain; the decision is yours. This same adjustability allows you to protect your home’s interior from direct sunlight and you can alter the angles of the shutters to improve the privacy and solar lighting of your living space whilst maintaining great ventilation. The flexibility of our aluminium shutters as an accessory to your home is endless and if you contact our expert staff, they will be sure to explain to you the full extent of your options. It is also important to note that aluminium is a very lightweight material and this means that it is applicable in practically any circumstances – simply enquire at Vincent Security today.


As with all of our products, we never compromise on security and as well as offering a plethora of additional benefits, our aluminium shutters offer your home heightened security that is unrivalled by any product in Brisbane. It was mentioned above that aluminium offers numerous advantages to the aesthetic appeal of the shutters and the same is true of the shutters’ security. The aluminium security shutters that we offer are a part of our own VS (Very Strong) range and all products under this category guarantee you the highest possible strength and durability and we are able to offer such a high quality of resistance in our VS products for a number of reasons. One of our main advantages in developing products of such a successful nature is our 45 years experience in the security industry. Security fittings have adapted rapidly over this period to match the dynamic consumer requirements and as a result, we have seen what works the best and improved it to meet our self-imposed standard of quality – a standard that is unmatched by our competitors. Our improved designs become a reality courtesy of our own manufacturing facility, in which we develop and produce our VS security goods. In managing the production process ourselves, we are able to stringently monitor the quality of our materials, as well as the finished goods. The result of this extensive and efficient process is the highest possible standard of quality and utility for our valued customers. Our aluminium security shutters are the product of this and as such, you can be assured that you are getting the best in home security, anywhere in Brisbane.

Why should you choose aluminium security shutters?

Given the extensity of our barrier security solutions, there will undoubtedly be a product that fulfils all of your security and practicality needs. Amid this expansive range, is our variety of aluminium shutters and these have the potential to be one of the most versatile barrier security solutions available. There are many reasons for the diverse applicability of these products and many such reasons can be sourced from the origins of the shutter. From their very conception, shutters have created an ambience that suits the laid back, relaxed tropical and subtropical climates of Queensland. Such characteristics are highly sought after in today’s world of home design and the simple addition of Vincent Security’s aluminium security shutters can drastically transform the appearance and exterior aesthetic of your house, whilst at the same time providing you with the functionality and utility inherent in all Vincent Security products. Additionally, our range of aluminium security shutters can be a powerful tool in your battle against unwelcome insects. All of our aluminium shutters have the capacity to be fitted with detachable fly screens and this will prevent unpleasant insect infestations without inhibiting the pleasant breezes and ventilation that make them so appealing.

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How do Vincent Security’s VS aluminium security shutters outperform their competitors?

Vincent Security has been leading the home security industry in Brisbane for over 40 years and this has given us many valuable insights into what exactly constitutes quality barrier security instalments. We have taken our inside knowledge and used it to develop our Very Strong security products, of which our aluminium security shutters are a part. This gives our shutters the Very Strong advantage and there are a number of aspects to this. As mentioned above, we manufacture our own Very Strong products and we do so in accordance with our strict quality control measures and in full compliance with Australian standards. Using high quality aluminium, we were able to make our shutters lightweight, strong and durable, with the added bonus of aesthetic appeal. We were then able to enhance both the durability and visual appeal of the shutters using our specialist facilities; in particular our powder coating instruments. These allow us to adroitly apply a coat of high quality paint to our aluminium shutters, with which to weather all environments and retain their unrivalled strength and looks.

Here at Vincent Security, we endeavour to provide our valued customers with the best protection against intruders or home invaders. We also, however, hold the safety of our customers in very high regard and this includes safety from such unfortunate events as a house fire. A common mistake made by a number of our competitors, is failing to account for the potential requirement of a home’s occupants to exit their house quickly. In an emergency, you will no doubt wish to leave your house through the closest, most easily accessible avenue possible – bearing in mind that in some emergency situations, conventional exits might not be available. We have taken this into consideration here at Vincent Security and offer our clients a specialised locking system. This locking system can be fitted onto our Very Strong aluminium shutters and allows you, in the event of an emergency, to quickly open your shutter system and exit your home to safety. We have ensured also, that this locking system does not compromise the external security of your house in any way – the aluminium shutters retain the resilience and durability that is inherent in all of our Very Strong products.

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