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Often, we encounter customers seeking more than just the conventional barrier security – they are continuously seeking new and innovative ways in which to apply our products to their homes. We strive to adapt to these dynamic demands and in doing so, we have created a range of stylish, practical, strong and durable products that are universally applicable in all homes across the Brisbane area. Amongst the most versatile and popular of these is our expansive range of outdoor shutters.

Outdoor shutters originated in colonial times in the tropical and subtropical regions of Australia; namely Queensland. They were used to provide individuals with protection from wildlife, sunlight and insects, whilst allowing them to enjoy what the beautiful outdoors of Queensland had to offer – cooling breezes, stunning scenery and more. We have retained these key elements of an outdoors shutter in our own design, however we have incorporated the peak of modern technology and expertise to improve on those features of a traditional outdoor shutter system that required attention.

Aluminium outdoor shutters

Using our 45 years experience in the security industry, we have developed what we believe to be the best outdoor shutter solutions available on the Brisbane market. There are many factors that we had to recognise and account for in designing our shutters and some of the more pertinent of these are listed below.

Outdoor durability

One of the most common faults with our competitors’ outdoor shutter solutions is that they are simply unable to withstand the sometimes harsh and unpredictable environment of the wider Brisbane area. Many other companies construct their shutters from timber and install them with little regard for strength and longevity.

Here at Vincent Security, we pride ourselves on offering durable outdoor shutter solutions that are of the highest quality, with an installation to match. One of the primary ways in which we have been able to create such versatile, strong and durable shutters is by constructing them from the correct materials. All of our outdoor shutter systems are constructed from aluminium of the upmost quality and this offers a range of advantages in its functionality.

Aluminium is lightweight and very strong, so it was clear to us during the initial stages of design that we ought to utilise these properties in the production of our shutters. Additionally, aluminium does not corrode and is resistant to all kinds of water damage – unsurprising when considering that is used in the construction of boats and marine accessories. Upon designing our tough and resilient outdoor shutters, we are able to paint them using our advanced powder coating instruments, in our manufacturing facility. Powder coating is well regarded as one of the most damage-resistant ways in which to apply paint and it is commonly used to paint steel, aluminium and alloy off-road automotive accessories for this exact reason.

When powder coating our VS (Very Strong) outdoor shutters, we ensure that only the finest quality Dulux and Interpon paints are used. These paints are considered to be the best on the market and this offers a number of advantages to the durability of our outdoor shutters. The most notable of these advantages is the capacity of the paint to act as a barrier between the environmental conditions and the aluminium shutter blades – or ‘slats’ as they are also known. Despite being remarkably durable and weather resistant itself, aluminium benefits greatly from a powder coating and will remain it pristine condition for a significant period of time as a result.


Having fulfilled our foremost priority of creating the most advanced, strong and durable shutter solution on the market, our design team was then able to turn their focus to another important feature of a good quality outdoor installation – aesthetic appeal. It is a common misconception that quality, durability and functionality come at the expense of visual satisfaction. Here at Vincent Security we know this to be false, as we have developed a wide range of attractive, high quality, durable outdoor shutter systems that we believe to be the best in Brisbane.

To achieve this, we considered a number of aspects that constitute a well-designed installation and applied them to our outdoor shutters with great effect. One of the features of our shutters that allow them to be so aesthetically appealing is the material from which they are constructed. Aluminium by its very nature is sleek, smooth and streamlined, which creates a naturally satisfying appearance. To complement this, we employed the powder coating equipment within our manufacturing facilities and are able to offer our valued customers a variety of colours to choose from in our outdoor shutter range. Aluminium is one of the ideal materials to powder coat and powder coating has many advantages, which extend far beyond colour alone.

We already mentioned above that powder coating adds to the durability of our product, however this is not its only utility. One of the more unsightly consequences of substandard outdoor shutter systems is peeling paint. This is often seen on timber installations and is proof that timber is simply not well suited to outdoor applications. The porous nature of most timber is such that water is absorbed into the material, which then expands and decays. Addressing such issues requires a great deal of maintenance and this often incurs additional costs. Aluminium, however, remains smooth thanks to its many advantageous properties and this ensures that the tough, durable and precisely applied paint does not peel or degrade. The result of this, is a low maintenance, high quality and attractive outdoor shutter system that is sure to be the focal point of your home’s exterior.


At Vincent Security, we understand that not all homes are the same and we have embraced the diversity of Brisbane’s home designs in our range of outdoor shutter systems. Many of our competitors construct their outdoor shutters from timber, steel and even glass in parts. This has a number of inherent disadvantages; some of which we have already covered, however a less commonly identified impediment of such products is their limited applicability.

Being an outdoor shutter, these installations will no doubt have to be fitted to your home’s exterior or the exterior of another structure on your property. This often requires a great deal of skill on the part of the installation specialists, as well as significant consideration to the design features of the structure upon which the shutters will be fitted. The entire process can be quite arduous and heavy materials including timber and steel, or delicate ones such as glass can be quite an encumbrance – so much so that you might find yourself limited in terms of your options, should you choose a product of this suboptimal nature.

We have recognised this at Vincent Security and taken the appropriate measures to address it, so as to ensure that our outdoor shutters are the most widely applicable external installations on the market. To achieve this, we have constructed our outdoor shutters from aluminium – a lightweight and remarkably strong material. Additionally, we ensure that our installation experts are the most highly trained operators in Brisbane. If we make even the slightest alteration to any of our products, they are the first to know and they can readily adapt to a multitude of circumstances, ensuring that your outdoor shutter options are the most extensive in Brisbane. Our outdoor shutters are custom made to fit a specific application in a specific house and these factors together, ensure the upmost standard of quality for you and your home.

Aluminium Security Shutters

Our 45 years industry experience has allowed us to take practical steps in selecting the optimum materials and designs for our security shutters. Amongst the most effective of these, is our aluminium security shutters and there are a multitude of reasons for this.

Where might an outdoor shutter system be installed to greatest effect?

Considering the variety of options available to you in both style and installation, there is no specific area in which our outdoor shutters are best utilised – they can be installed anywhere on your homes exterior or the exterior of another such outdoor structure. At Vincent Security we have, however, seen a number of particularly effective applications of our outdoor shutters system.

Arguably one of the most popular of these is an outdoor balcony or veranda. Staying true to their colonial heritage, our outdoor shutters are not only of great utility but also great appearance, particularly on a balcony or veranda. They are not limited to this function however; as they are used commonly in modern and even somewhat abstract homes – the extensity of their applicability is second to none.

The fact remains that the choice is yours and generally speaking, it is a matter of personal preference. Each installation ought to be taken on its merit and contacting us today at Vincent Security, will provide you with an opportunity to become acquainted with our vast array of outdoor shutters. Our expert staff members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they will happily share with you and you are sure to find the perfect outdoor shutter system for your home if you contact us today.

How do our products consistently outperform our competitors?

All of our aluminium outdoor shutter systems are a product of over 40 years industry experience, coupled with the greatest in technology and manufacturing. We manufacture our entire range of outdoor shutters in our own facilities and this allows us to scrutinise every shutter that we produce. The production stages are managed in accordance with our strict and self imposed quality control process. We ensure that every stage of development for our outdoor shutters is done to perfection and this allows us to create products that are of unrivalled quality.

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