Security Screens for Doors and Windows – Why Quality Matters.

Security Screens for Doors and Windows – Why Quality Matters.

The Reasons You Should Invest In Security Screens and Doors:

Most homes are vacant during the day and most businesses are vacant at night and with the Queensland Summer on the horizon, walking into a hot and stuffy home or office can be undesirable. We encourage you to think about your options in winter so that you can be prepared and have the screens installed before the weather warms up. When you have quality security screens and doors installed, it enables you to keep the windows open during the day or night whilst still being protected.

Investing in quality security screens for the home or office, not only can save you money but it can brighten the property up. The extra ventilation allows fresh, cool air to flow through the property, especially during summer days and nights, saving you on electricity costs by not running the air conditioning. Also, adding extra security to the home is something that you can mention on your insurance policy, which may give you a decrease on the premium. Keeping the windows and doors open with screens allows my sunshine to illuminate a room. With the sun around for longer during summer months, being able to enjoy the natural light more during the day will have you avoiding turning on the lights too early in another effort to keep your place more cost effective. Quality security screens can add to the esthetics of you home or business which can also to add value to the property.

Our homes are our castles and anything we can do to keep them that way is an extra benefit in itself. Quality security screens give us the peace of mind for our family for the increased protection, without inviting in pests, bugs or outdoor creatures. Screens are also added security using locks and a physical barrier to help keep your family and pets safely inside and be as much of a deterrent as possible to keep out those unwanted visitors by not giving them the ability to be quiet in any attempt.

Why Quality Should Matter:

When you select the right quality security screen for windows or doors for your home, quality really does matter when it coming to strength, longevity and warranty. Many products sold by some providers claim to offer security but don’t live up to their promise because they use cheap and flimsy componentry and the product they are manufacturing is not assembled with strength in mind, but with minimal parts to seem more effective.

It is the little things on quality security screen doors that make a big difference:

  • Locks – They should be a Triple Lock at least, extra locking points enable stronger anchorage. Lock tongues should have a parrot beak on them, this is so it is harder to manipulate the locks and they should be made out of stainless steel to ensure that they can last longer.
  • Fixings – All security screens must be installed with security screws. Hinged doors need to be anchored onto the jambs with the minimum requirements for Australia Standard. Sliding door should have wheels to anchor them into the track.
  • Check the Paperwork – When you are quoted on a product, if you don’t know what something means ask questions. You shouldn’t be expected to know everything but you should be able to be given an informative answer. Once the installation is completed, make sure to check the labels and tags. Every door should have a label advising it meets the Australian Standards and it should have a product tag.
  • QBCC Licensed and appropriately accredited in the industry – You should be engaging a business that has the qualifications that the industry calls for. If a company doesn’t have these accreditations, you should be asking yourself why not. Any work that you do to your home, should only be done by a licensed professional. This is to cover yourself, them and to keep the standards of the industry in check. It just takes one bad situation, installation or accident to ruin it for everyone.

Why Vincent Security is the right choice:

At Vincent Security, we offer an extensive range of ●Very Strong● security screening solutions for both residential and commercial residences. We appreciate that you seek the ideal options to complement your lifestyle and to improve the aesthetic of the property by not putting a big dent in the budget. Vincent Security has been around for over 40 years and in that time we have built the business to focus on security and enabling everyone the option to have the very best, top-quality products available to the market. We custom make all products in our manufacturing factory in Mansfield using heavy duty componentry and the robust framing.

We are an authorised and licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe, the strongest security screen in the industry. We are also a member of the National Security Screen Association (NSSA) and our QBCC License is 730 644. All of our employees that visit your home do have Blue Cards and our installers do have Construction White Cards.

If you think that we may be able to help you secure your home or office, give the team a call on 3849 4555, send us an email to or you are welcome to visit our showroom at 34 Devlan St Mansfield 4122.

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