Security Screens and Doors: Why Quality Matters

Security Screens and Doors: Why Quality Matters

Most homes are vacant during the day and most businesses are vacant at night. With the Summer weather fast approaching, walking into a hot and stuffy home or office can be undesireable. Security doors and screens provide the option to leave your property open during the day and night, whilst still being protected. There is also the added benefit of the money you could save by not running the air conditioning all day or the added protection for the business at night.

Benefits of Installing Security Screens and Doors

Security screens and doors deliver an array of benefits to your home or office.

These include:

  • Allow fresh, cool air to flow through the property, especially during summer days and nights – saving on electricity costs.
  • Prevent insects, birds, reptiles, and other unwanted critters from entering through open doors or windows.
  • Added security for your home or business with lockable doors and robust screens.
  • Add to the external and internal ethetics of your home.
  • Increase the value of your property for future sale.
  • Brighten your home’s interior.
  • Cheaper insurance premiums.
  • Peace of mind for your family.

With a top-quality security door or window screen product, you can safely leave your property open without being concerned about the security of the your home or business and your family and pets safety, both day and night.

Why Quality Matters

When you select the right security door or screen product for your home, quality really does matter. Many products sold by some providers claim to offer security but don’t live up to their promise. You do need to understand that security screen doors are still potentially penetrable, though the best products are far less so than others. This is why installing a high quality security screen that is as much of a deterrent for entry as possible, will make them want to avoid your property.

When you look for a security door, consider the following:

  1. What kind of door do you need? Are you more concerned with keeping out intruders, or are bugs and insects more of an issue in your area?
  2. Does the door you’re looking at meet Australian Standard AS5039-2008? Is the Installation Standard AS5040 also being met? These standards are set to help consumers be aware of the product and to way up the cost.
  3. Ideally, your security door will need to be customised to your home and fit perfectly with minimal space between the door and the doorway’s structural framing. Sometimes, you will need to add an additional Aluminium or steel frame to enable to door to have the strength required to do the right job.
  4. What material is used for the door mesh or infill? There are top-quality doors on the market using steel bars/motifs/grilles, which are the most secure. Stainless steel mesh provides a great balance between security and unobscured views through the door. Structural-grade perforated aluminium sheets are newer to the market and are considered to be quite secure. Not all aluminium diamond mesh screens offer the same level of security, so it is important to understand that you should double check to see how they are manufactured. Ideally, the mesh should be welded to the frame. The riveted type is merely a flyscreen product that offers no real protection.


Choose Vincent Security for Screens and Doors

At Vincent Security, we deliver superior security screening solutions for both commercial and residential clients and we appreciate that you seek the ideal options to complement your lifestyle and your home or commercial property’s design while not putting a big dent in the budget. Vincent Security is proud to provide the very best, top-quality products available to the Australian market. Our security doors and screens are manufactured using the highest quality materials and componentry.

We are an authorised and licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe, the leading brand in the security screen industry. Our Crimsafe security screen doors are the best in Brisbane and southeast Queensland. All of our VS Welded, VS Steel, and Crimsafe doors and screens are robust and are manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS5039. We provide a professional onsite measure and quote and have a screen option for most areas. We also specialise in Fire Attenuation screening.

Let us help protect your home or office, your family, and your assets! Contact us today to discuss your needs at or call us on (07) 3849 4555.