7MM Diamond

VS Welded 7mm Diamond Security Screens

Are you looking for affordable security screens for your home’s windows without compromising on the strength? Look no further than our uniquely designed VS Welded 7mm Diamond Security Screens manufactured here in our Brisbane factory. Did you know that Vincent Security’s Very Strong (VS) Welded 7mm Aluminium Diamond range boasts a similar strength factor as Crimsafe but at a more economical price? We believe that everyone should be entitled to the highest level of security that the budget can afford and this range ticks all the boxes.

What sets our VS Welded Diamond security screens apart from other diamond security screen products available on the market? They all look similar but it’s our own unique manufacturing process that makes them a superior product range.

We start with a heavy duty aluminium frame, nearly twice the density of regular frames. The aluminium 7mm diamond mesh is securely fixed in place with high quality aluminium welds, not pop rivets like the weaker products on the market, which means that our product is up to 40 times stronger than the traditional designed diamond security screens.

After we have finished the welding process, the screens move on to our onsite powder coat facility to have a tough, long-lasting, smooth colour finish applied. We only use quality Dulux or Interpon powder coats available and we offer a wide range of colours to suit your home’s exterior finish. Other companies are limited to what they can offer and will charge an additional charge if it is not a standard colour.


Our production team has been in the business for nearly 40 years. We take the time to find out what the customer wants and how we can achieve that. We won’t recommend a product that you don’t need when we understand that security is the main reason for our business, not price. We are fortunate to have a high referral rate and loyal return customers.

We have our own manufacturing facility so we can monitor your products from start to finish. We only use high quality componentry and our team is made up of employees, not subcontractors. You can be rest assured that you will be in good hands to have the work done promptly, professionally and cleanly. Talk to the team on 3849 4555, to see when we can make an appointment for one of our sales technicians to come out to your home to see how we can help protect your home and family.


The VS Welded 7mm Diamond range has been tested and passed the Australian Standard (5039-2008), so you can be assured that you’re investing in a high quality product. The VS Welded 7mm Diamond security screen range is unrivaled in durability, quality, value for money and designed so that you can go to bed at night and have your windows open to enjoy a cool breeze but at the same time keeping the bugs out and your family secure inside. Just think of how much you could save on energy costs by not having the AC running all night!

If you would like to see if this product is suitable for your home to help protect your family, give the team a call on 3849 4555 to arrange an onsite measure and quote.

Budget 7mm Aluminium Diamond Security Screens

If you’re looking for budget security screens for a low risk situation the look no further than our Mid Duty 7mm Diamond Security Screens. At Vincent Security, we understand that our customers have different reasons and priorities when it comes to choosing security screens for your home. If what you want to achieve is to keep a child safe from falling from a highset bedroom window and budget is a factor then Mid Duty 7mm diamond security screens are ideal.

These security screens are made by pop riveting the aluminium diamond grille and frame together and it is then finished off with the fibreglass flyscreen mesh to keep out the mossies and flies. This riveted diamond security screen product has not kept pace with the changes made in the Australian Standard (5039-2008) for security screen doors and security window screen, that’s why we call this range Mid Duty security. If you want to maximise your security, see our VS Welded Security Screen or Crimsafe pages.


Fall prevention: Kids Can’t Fly.

Every year there are cases where young children fall out of highset windows by leaning up against the flyscreen on an open window. Flyscreens are very lightly constructed as they are only intended to keep insects out and do not offer a barrier to stop the mesh giving way when weight is applied to them. This has led to regulation (insert link to AWA). This explains how far a window can open in all new housing constructions. Windows, especially in the bedrooms, can only open 125 mm if they are less than 1.5m from the floor which, at times, defeats the purpose of having a window in the bedroom.


One of the most important features of a well-designed home is its ability to remain at a comfortable temperature in the depths of a hot summer. Being able to use a home’s windows to their full potential by being able to open it fully, with the bonus of keeping insects out, is the reason why our Mid Duty security screens are the perfect solution. The benefits of a keeping the home ventilated with a natural cool breeze, bugs free and keeping the kids safe from falls will not only make you feel more relaxed and secure, but also it will improve the energy efficiency of your house and lessen your energy bills.

Visually Aesthetic.

Sometimes the budget will not stretch as far as we would like and you have a home where some windows are in a lower risk situation, like being on the second storey of your home, but you still need protection. We can install the VS Welded 7mm Aluminium Diamond Security Screens on the lower level of your home and have the economical Mid Duty security screens on the upper level. From a short distance you would not notice the difference in construction of the screens as they look very similar.

Our expansive Brisbane production facility includes its own powder-coating operation. This means that your Mid Duty aluminium screens will have an immaculate finish and it also means that the finish has the capacity to give your home a facelift. Vincent Security knows exactly what it takes to provide a seamless and quality product from start to finish.


When you purchase from Vincent Security, your experience will either start in the showroom or on the phone with our knowledgeable and experienced staff. We will clearly guide you through the available products and offer you the most up to date and relevant advice. You can rest assured that our team of skilled employees will manufacture and install your Mid Duty 7mm aluminium diamond security screens in Brisbane.

To find out more about our security doors and screens or to book in a free measure and quote, please contact our team today on 07 3849 4555.