What to Look For in a Security Door

What to Look For in a Security Door

Keeping your home safe, secure and locked down shouldn’t be a challenge, a hassle or an only if we can afford it scenario. Compared with the alternative, you can always afford to guard against light fingered thieves; you know you need a security door, but you’re not sure which one suits you the best. Vincent Security have installed thousands of doors across Brisbane in a diverse assortment of a residence – your house is never too small, the door is never too large, we always have something designed to suit your needs. So let’s find out what those needs are by reviewing our most popular security options…

Diamond Doors

We’re sure you’ve seen or heard about diamond security doors – they seem to be a default go-to for many investors and builders. And while diamond doors are wonderful at keeping the bad guys out, our version is a little bit different. They’re stronger, more resilient, designed to withstand pressure and force, selected only from the strongest contenders on the factory floor. If you can’t justify the dollars required to invest in a CrimSafe screen, our diamond doors have are almost equally strong and resistant without the price tag. In fact, you pay half the price!


Crimsafe is a security icon, combining a stainless steel design with every day Aussie functionality; the stainless mesh is tough as nails and still does the job against mosquitos and other bugs. Rated as very strong, the CrimSafe technology is installed in a specific way, ensuring no criminal can get in without investing in a battering ram. Find out about our range of doors and window guards! This is by far one of Australia’s most trusted and celebrated security screen.


Cold, hard wrought steel. Also sliding into our very strong category, this cost effective option is a real people pleaser, adding a true Queensland aesthetic to older houses and renovations. Worried about corrosion? Don’t be. Our steel doors are treated with sand blasting and a coat of Dulux Zinc Shield 2, before being left to dry and subjected to a final Dulux coat for a smooth finish. Steel doors are made according to your unique specifications.  You cannot order one ready to buy – because of this personalised service, our steel range comes in over 50 different powder coat colours.

Whatever choice you may, you can’t go wrong with a door from Vincent Security. Contact one of representatives today and start exploring new ways to keep your family safe this summer.

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