Is There An Escape Option With Crimsafe Security Screens?

Is There An Escape Option With Crimsafe Security Screens?

Security screens are among the most popular and most effective security installations for residential properties. The leading name in security screens is Crimsafe which exceeds all Australian Standards. With its unique screw clamp configuration and its heavy-duty frame it can withstand considerable force. The steel mesh that comes with all Crimsafe security screens is also resistant to cutting.

Further still, Crimsafe offers anti-jemmy technology to protect the lock. As a result, you can rest assured that no one is coming into your home uninvited. But intruders aren’t all that you have on your mind as a homeowner. Another important consideration is fire safety. House fires are all too common and you need to have a back up plan in case you find yourself in that position.

During a house fire, heat is not your only problem. Smoke is one of the biggest killers during a house fire. Smoke can cause you to lose consciousness, which is catastrophic. For this reason, an easy exit is vital, which leaves many wondering how they will get out with security screens at every exit. Fortunately, Crimsafe has already thought of this. To ensure that homeowners and occupants are safe from fire, Crimsafe has devised the Safe-S-Cape system.

Crimsafe security screens keep intruders out without keeping you in

Crimsafe security screens come with more than just the patented screw clamp configuration. They also come with the advanced Safe-S-Cape mounting system. This system is very unique and it is one of the best innovations in home security. Essentially, the Safe-S-Cape system allows you to get out of your home without a key. This means that if you find yourself in a house fire, you can exit quickly without fumbling for keys. In a lot of cases, this can mean the difference between life and death. But the ingenuity doesn’t stop there. The Safe-S-Cape system provides you with this easy escape option, at no expense to your security. Your Crimsafe screens will remain highly secure from the outside while offering a simple and straightforward exit from the inside. This makes it the safest, and most secure security screen on the market. It also means that you can clean your security screens with more ease than ever before.

How does the Safe-S-Cape system work?

The advantages of the Safe-S-Cape system are self-evident and it could just save your life. But how does it work, and where can it be fitted? The Safe-S-Cape system is essentially a keyless emergency exit system that allows you to lift out your Crimsafe screen. This saves you looking for a key or trying to break through, which would not yield any results. The Safe-S-Cape system is applicable to a wide range of Crimsafe installations. This means that regardless of where your Crimsafe screen is fitted, there is probably still a solution for you.

Hinged Safe-S-Capes

Hinged Safe-S-Capes swing outwardly from your house and accommodate a wide variety of windows behind them. You can fix the hinged Safe-S-Capes as an integral part of your sliding windows. Alternatively, you can fix them to the face of your louvres or double-hung windows. In fact, the hinged Safe-S-Cape is very versatile and fits a wide range of window options. Some of these options include single and multi panel sliding windows, double hung windows, lap louvres or even fixed and sliding combinations. In all of these cases, the hinged Safe-S-Cape allows you and the occupants of your home easy and keyless escape in the event of a fire. But that is not their only advantage. The hinged Safe-S-Cape system is often sold to allow homeowners to clean their windows when Crimsafe is installed to a double hung window. Using the hinged Safe-S-Cape, you can easily access the window and clean it effectively.

Single Sliding or Servery Safe-S-Capes

Single sliding and servery Safe-S-Cape systems are well suited to window fittings that are quite tight. Such window fittings often don’t accommodate an additional track, which means that other Crimsafe installation methods aren’t as suitable. Another great application for this Safe-S-Cape option is servery windows, which must remain accessible as they connect parts of your home to outdoor entertainment areas. These Safe-S-Cape options are most often fitted to Crimsafe security screens on fixed and sliding window panel combinations and servery windows. In either case, they give you easy keyless exit without compromising the impeccable security standards of Crimsafe security screens.

Double or Triple Sliding Safe-S-Capes

Double or triple sliding Safe-S-Capes are usually fitted to secure a wide window opening. These Safe-S-Capes normally feature two or three moving Crimsafe security screen panels. To provide the best escape options without compromising on looks or functionality, these Safe-S-Cape systems can be fitted on the inside or outside of sliding windows. They can also be fitted to the inside of casement windows. With this Safe-S-Cape system, you get the luxury of choosing the installation that best suits you. Of course, you security consultant will gladly provide you with expert advice, so that you can make an informed decision. The double or triple sliding Safe-S-Capes suit double or multi casement windows and double or multi sliding windows.

Inswing Safe-S-Capes

Inswing Safe-S-Cape security screens swing inwardly. As a result, they are always installed internally on the inside of the window. Inswing Safe-S-Capes are among the most versatile of those available and because they are suitable for such a wide array of windows, they are one of Crimsafe’s most popular Safe-S-Cape systems. Inswing Safe-S-Capes offer the same great security as all Crimsafe security screens, with the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are safe in a fire. Inswing Safe-S-Cape systems suit single and multi-panel sliding windows, double hung windows, single and multiple hoppers, casement and multi-casement windows, lap louvre, normal louvre, and fixed and sliding combinations. The versatility of the inswing Safe-S-Cape comes as a result of its internally fitted configuration. Most windows have suitable mounting option on the inside of their frame.

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