VS Steel Security Hinged Doors

VS Steel Security Hinged Doors are a time-less and traditional security option, particularly complementary to Queenslanders but still suited for more contemporary homes. With a variety of patterns to choose from, we have the ability to manufacture sturdy doors that will enhance the aesthetics of your home while providing security for your family. With a product that combines both personal preferences for design and colour selection, you are able to have a steel security door installed discretely that doesn’t detract from the buildings existing visual appeal.

To construct our hard-wearing steel doors we use high quality 10×10 filled steel rods with a 50×20 steel frame to reinforce strength and durability. To finish off the assembly, we use the same componentry that we include in our VS Crimsafe door products. Our VS Steel doors feature high quality triple locks, step over hinges and strikers and our installation methods exceed the Australian Standard 5039 2008.

When we prepare your doors to apply the colour, you are able to choose between a galvanized or zinc coated surface. Characteristically, galvanizing prevents your doors from rusting more efficiently, however it does appear to have a rougher finish compared to the zinc coated steel. Vincent Security has our own onsite powder coat facility, which proves advantageous when allowing our customers to choose from a wide selection of colours.

An additional benefit of the VS Steel Hinged Security doors includes the option to have the fiberglass flyscreen or equivalent applied to allow maximum airflow whilst simultaneously preventing unwanted insects/pests from entering the home. VS Steel Security Hinged doors are the only range of products that we manufacture, that we can not offer the option to have a pet flap included.