7MM Diamond

VS Welded 7mm Diamond Security Doors Brisbane

Not all security screen doors are manufactured to have the same strength factor. Vincent Security has been testing products for over 35 years and with the industry benchmark set by Australian Standards AS 5039 2008 for security screen doors, our development and manufacturing team have designed the Very Strong Welded 7mm Diamond range of security doors.

The Very Strong (VS) Welded 7mm Diamond range has a similar strength factor successfully tested to the same standards as Crimsafe but is half the price! This range is ideal when considering a high level of security on a budget.


In the development of the VS Welded range not only has the integrity of individual components been considered but also the way they need to work together has contributed to the design process. This gives maximum resistance to attack which is critically important when considering your families safety when purchasing security screen doors for your home.

  1. It starts with our robust aluminium frame. Our VS Welded frame has been uniquely designed to become a strong anchor for the 7mm Diamond Mesh to be welded to. The frame is thicker and heavier but it still creates a product that will be able to uphold full strength in high volume doorways.
  2. The aluminium 7mm diamond grille is securely fixed in place with high quality aluminium welds not pop-rivets like weaker products on the market. This means our product is up to 40 times stronger than traditional riveted diamond security screens and we use this technique to ensure the mesh cannot be kicked out.
  3. VS Welded doors come with Ultra Strength versions of Triple Locks in both the hinged and sliding products. This is important because they are proven to have maximum resistance to attack of any locks in their class.
  4. VS Welded Hinged security doors when installed into timber jambs, have specialized locking plates and hinges that have twice as many screws to other products on the market. Why do they need these? To reinforce the door jambs up to 5 times the strength of an ordinary door installed by our competitors.
  5. VS Welded Sliding security doors all have a Heavy Duty VS Interlock system that has twice the engagement of normal interlock. This is required to protect your home from the back of the door being pulled out in an attempt of someone trying to get in.

Ask one of our friendly sales consultants to show you a sample of our VS Welded 7mm Diamond security screens when they visit you. Feel free to drop into our Brisbane Showroom Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm and take a look at our displays or to get a measure and quote on your next project call our team on 38494555.

Budget Mid Duty 7mm Diamond Security Doors Brisbane

Are you looking for budget security screen doors for a low risk situation? Look no further than our Mid Duty 7mm Diamond Security Screen Doors.


  1. Children and Pet Safety.
    Security screen doors in the Mid Duty range stops children and pets from leaving the safety of your home unsupervised. Flyscreen doors are only lightly constructed, as they are intended to only keep bugs out, they offer no barrier to excessive force from pushing on the flimsy mesh. With the addition of the 7mm Diamond aluminium mesh to the design of this door, it provides support to the flyscreen that children and pets can’t push though to escape, giving you piece of mind knowing your loved one are safe inside. We would still advise always using the triple lock option to maximise the strength of this security door.
  2. Appearances and Visual Appeal.
    Another reason to consider the Mid Duty 7mm Diamond security screen door is where you want to have the frame of the security door in different colour to the 7mm diamond mesh in a black finish. This is popular to lessen the visible impact of the aluminium diamond mesh. This option will not be as strong as the VS Welded 7mm Diamond Security Screen Doors or the Crimsafe Doors but if customers want to choose based on this particular look, this product ticks the box.
  3. Budget.
    Sometimes the budget will just not stretch as far as we would like and you have a home where some doors are in a lower risk situation than the main entrances, like being on the second storey of your home. We can install the VS Welded 7mm Diamond security screen doors on the lower level of your home and have the budget Mid Duty security screen doors on the upper level. From a distance you would not notice the difference in construction of the screens as they look very similar and the family and pets will still be secure inside.


These security doors are made by pop-riveting the aluminium diamond grille and frame together. It is then finished off with the fibreglass flyscreen mesh to keep out the mossies and flies. This riveted diamond security door product has not kept pace with the changes made in the Australian Standard AS 5039 2008 that’s why we call our range Mid Duty or Budget Security. Vincent Security has its own manufacturing facility where we custom make all our products. This starts with our experienced assembly staff and continues through to our own onsite powder-coating department where we are able to monitor all aspects of the screens production. Our high quality products are then installed by professional and trade-skilled installers. We do not hire contractors for any of our work, so it is guaranteed that we will take the time needed to make an outstanding product that you, and us, are happy with.

We will clearly guide you through our product ranges and offer you the most up to date and relevant advice. One of our qualified sales consultants will come out to your home and provide our free measure and quote service and discuss your security screen requirements. At Vincent Security, we understand that customers have different needs and priorities when it comes to choosing security doors for their home. To find out more about our range of products or to book in a free measure and quote, please contact our Brisbane team today on 07 3849 4555.