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Sliding glass doors are a great way of letting light and air into your home. Crimsafe’s strong, innovative and sleek design can help you enjoy a cooler home, without losing the visual aesthetic and style to your home and there is no need worry about any unwanted visitors. At Vincent Security we  custom make  your Crimsafe sliding doors  to fit any size or type of opening, accompanied by a range of framing systems to choose from. Sliding glass doors come in a number of different configurations and Vincent Security has trained staff to design Crimsafe sliding Security doors to best match the configuration you have in your home.


Things to check when getting quotes on Crimsafe Sliding Security Doors:

Is the product you are getting quoted on actually genuine Crimsafe?  Look for the Screw Clamp and the Crimsafe badge on the sample they show you. Have they written Crimsafe as the name of the product on the quote? We meet a lot of people who think they have Crimsafe but when we see it, we can determine that it is one of the cheap imitations that doesn’t compare to the strength of Crimsafe.

Vincent Security only uses Ultra Strength, Triple Locks on all Crimsafe Door installations. You can see the lock handles are powder coated in black but the lock body and lock tongue are fabricated in stainless steel.

Are other quotes allowing for VS Heavy Duty interlocks? Interlock on a sliding door is the part that couples with fixed glass panel to prevent the back of the Crimsafe sliding door being pulled out of the tracks. Many other companies use a smaller version as it is easier to fit and costs less the make but use the smaller one greatly weaken the installation of the door. That’s why we only use the VS interlocks on all Crimsafe Door installations. You can judge from the picture which one you would prefer for your installation.

Has the other companies quote allowed for rollers top and bottom on their doors? It might seem like a little thing but rollers make for a more stable sliding door as it moves on the track and it is far less likely that the door will jump the tracks if someone bumps the door while in an open position.

We take pride in the fact that all our staff are employees are not subcontractors, so they will take that extra time to get the job done right the first time, rather than being on rushed to get to the next job .Our trained installation staff are experienced, clean, professional technicians and we clean areas and vacuum before leaving your home.

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