Crimsafe Fire Attenuation Screens

Crimsafe Fire Attenuation Screens limit the potential for fire to spread between buildings via flames and/or radiant heat. Unit Developments are being constructed on smaller sites. In the event of fire in a building, occupant safety and the protection of adjoining property are fundamental requirements of building regulations. A Fire Engineer can provide a Fire Safety Report (FSR) as part of an Alternative Solution to meeting building compliance. This may be required when a design has an opening within 3 metres from the property boundary, or 6 metres from another building on the same site.

A Fire Engineer will determine if Fire Attenuation Screens are needed as part of meeting building compliance. 

Why use Crimsafe Fire / Heat Attenuation Screens?
  • Crimsafe has been tested by the CSIRO test report FSZ 0688 Reduction of radiant heat by up to 45%. Full Test Report is available on request
  • Crimsafe fire attenuation screens also allow for the same Security and fly screening as normal Crimsafe would provide.
  • Will effectively deal with the BCA requirements for the Prevention of Falls from Windows
  • Crimsafe screens are WERS rated helping with energy efficiency Full Test Report is available on request

Installing a Fire Attenuation screens is specialist operation because every property is different. Depending on the building materials used, the location of the project and what openings are covered. Each fire attenuation job is carefully assessed by us so we can meet the requirements in the Fire Safety Report and issue a Form 12 at the end of the project. Here at Vincent Security, we are uniquely skilled for installing your Fire Attenuation Screens and take fire safety very seriously. We follow the Fire Safety Report to the letter during manufacture and installation. Contact us today to discuss your next project on (07) 3849 4555 or