Aluminium Shutters vs Wooden Shutters: Which is More Secure?

Aluminium Shutters vs Wooden Shutters: Which is More Secure?

When it comes to security installations for your home, there are few as effective as shutters. The right security shutter is a great investment. It will keep your home safe from intrusion, but it will also protect against things like direct sunlight and extreme weather.

There are many different types of shutters on the markets. The two most common are aluminium shutters and wooden shutters. Both have their advantages, but for security aluminium definitely takes the lead. Aluminium is a versatile material that is durable, lightweight and strong. It is used in a wide range of applications, from security to marine fittings and everything in between. This is a true testament to its dynamic and tough nature.

Aluminium Shutters and Timber Shutters: Advantages and Disadvantages

Although aluminium is preferable, timber shutters are still common. They do look quite good and they are a pretty cheap option. But wooden shutters do have some very distinct shortcomings. Most notably, timber can rot. When left exposed to the elements – particularly rain – timber swells and becomes softer. Over time, this them causes rot. Rotten timber has little to no structural integrity whatsoever.

This means it is lacking in strength. Strength is the most important feature of security shutters, which is why wood is not always the best option. Some people prefer wood for its rustic appearance, which is one of its foremost advantages. However in terms of enhancing your home’s security, aluminium is always the way to go.

What Makes Good Shutters Secure?

So we know that poor strength and durability inhibits shutter security, but what makes good shutters secure? There are many factors that go into shutter security. From durability and strength, to weight and appearance, aluminium exhibits many of these qualities. Below, we have listed a few of them and we will explain how they contribute to the security of your home.


Just like all security installations, shutters are a long-term solution. They are not designed to fail, so you have the right to expect a long life from them. To get a long life out of anything, it needs to be durable and aluminium is just that. Aluminium does not corrode in the same way that iron does, and it does not rot like timber. That is why you see aluminium used in the construction of boats and marine fittings. Aluminium can withstand a long life exposed to the harsh weather of the Brisbane region. This makes it among the most durable products on the market.

Additionally, Brisbane’s harsh weather often includes strong winds. If your home is hit by debris during a violent storm, it has the potential to snap timber shutters and damage your window. Aluminium, on the other hand, can withstand this. Even when subject to high impact collisions, aluminium will retain its shape. In some cases the aluminium shutters can bend, however they are still likely to protect your windows.

To enhance this durability even further, a lot of aluminium products are powder coated. Powder coated aluminium can withstand even more punishment than regular aluminium. Powder coating is a method of painting the aluminium and it works very effectively. The coat of paint is another protective barrier, which prevents anything from compromising the surface of the aluminium. To top it off, powder coated aluminium also looks great! It is a fantastic security and design feature for any home. This is just one of the many reasons that aluminium shutters are becoming a favourite for homeowners across the Brisbane area.


Aluminium is renowned for its strength. You can find aluminium being used in all sorts of applications for that exact reason. Many load bearing and off road trailers are constructed from aluminium, as it is incredibly strong. Strength is the cornerstone of security. If you have a strong shutter, then any would-be intruder is going to have a lot of trouble bypassing it. Even if they pull, push, hit or cut, any intruder will find themselves with a real struggle on their hands. Remember, the longer it takes to get into your home, the less likely it is that anyone will try. Intruders, thieves and vandals all look for an easy target. With aluminium shutters, you can take your home off their list. Timber, on the other hand, can be broken quite easily.

Many timber shutters – especially old or rotten ones – can be snapped quite quickly by a well-prepared intruder. Even the strongest timber shutters are not unbeatable. With a saw or a screwdriver, it is possible to cut through a lot of timber shutters, or even unscrew them entirely. Doing so is quick and relatively quiet, which is a pitfall of timber shutters. Conversely, to get through aluminium shutters, an intruder would have to make a great deal of noise. This would inevitably draw attention to them, which is why aluminium shutters deter budding intruders very effectively.


Weight might not seem that important in security. In fact, you might even think a bit of weight is preferable. However, when it comes to the timber vs aluminium debate, extra weight is not always a good thing. Timber is considerably heavier than aluminium. This means that it places more strain on the screws that are holding the timber shutters together. If the timber is then compromised in any way – from rot or impact – the mounting screws will not be as strong as they should be. The constant strain placed on the timber shutters by their own weight can take its toll over time. In some cases, it can even cause damage to your home.

Aluminium shutters, on the other hand, are very light. Aluminium has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any material. This means that it will place very little pressure on its mounts. As a result, the aluminium shutters will retain their strength indefinitely. Aluminium has an incredible number of advantages and this guide has covered only a few of them. The fact is, aluminium is simply unbeatable when it comes to security shutters.

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