Six Strategies To Help Secure Your Home.

Six Strategies To Help Secure Your Home.

Vincent Security would like to recommend a few crucial ways to secure your home. A secure home needs a variety of strategies to ensure that all your entrances are guarded against unwelcomed visitors. Start by assessing the problem areas of your home, and then consider these strategies that could help you stay protected and allow you to benefit for using some of our more natural elements rather than spending money on things that you don’t need to.

Installing Quality Security Screen Doors:

Screen doors are a perfect option if you want to allow the breeze to flow through your property or to find out who is at your door first before you welcome them into your home. However, not all screen doors are considered security. If you also want to leave your timber or glass doors open while you pop out to the back yard or just down to the shops, you should make sure that you are purchasing a high quality security screen door as the best option to secure your home. Vincent Security recommends our •Very Strong• range of products that exceed the Australian Standard 5039 2008.

Pet doors are a common accessory for doors. To make sure you are keeping the door secure, make sure that you are using the smallest size possible. Medium and Large pet doors can be accessed by small people squeezing through the opening.

•Very Strong• Fixed Window Security Screens:

Every window should be considered as an access point, even a small toilet window. Security screens should be installed over the opening/sliding glass panel with security screws. Crimsafe screws are specifically patented to Crimsafe and access to drill bits is only possible when following strict company security procedures. Other types of screws/rivets can be removed quite easily. They should also be secured in two different access points, usually both externally and internally. Vincent Security has a product in any of our •Very Strong• ranges to suit all budgets and levels of security.

Second storey windows should also be secured to prevent falls. Local government laws should be considered when renovating or building a home to comply with building codes. Window limiters, awning window stoppers and height restrictions are all in place to prevent accidental falls, but they do limit the airflow and view. When window security screens are installed, you can have 100% use of the window.

Crimsafe •Very Strong• Fire Security Screen Options:

When you are secure in your home and protected from external dangers, what would happen if you needed to get out in a hurry because the danger was inside? You should make sure that you have a current home evacuation plan in case of a fire or another emergency. There are a variety of products that can help keep you home secure but at the same time, be used to evacuate in a hurry without having to worry about keys or locks. Having a ground floor window with a fire safe screen is a great addition to the security and safety of your family. Vincent Security’s •Very Strong• Crimsafe range has a hinged or sliding option to suit most windows.

Keep in mind, that if you are locking a security screen door with a key, that this is a fire evacuation hazard, as you are only able to exit after you have unlocked the door. There are also options to have evacuation door locks fitted to your doors if you are not able to have a screen fitted to access in an evacuation situation.

Heavy Duty Quality Locks:

Make sure the door is fitted with a triple lock that has a parrot beak tongue. A door is only as secure as its components allows it to be, and a flat/square middle lock can be disengaged to compromise the security. All security screen doors should have a triple lock option that is operated by locking the middle lock. The locks should be maintained regularly and lubricated to ensure they continue to work properly as not to damage the mechanisms. All security screens doors should be fitted with a pin cylinder/barrel. Make sure you are locking the door with a key when you leave, and the house is vacant. Vincent Security only use trusted Lockwood or Archie Locks, tried and tested to exceed the Australia Standard for security screen doors.

An Active Community:

Even though your home security is your responsibility, it also helps to have the community involved by being a part of Neighbourhood Watch programs and partnering with neighbours to look out for each other’s properties and reporting any unusual activity to the police. It also helps to be active in your children’s P&C committees, and sporting clubs. Creating a community that promotes safety and security, benefits everyone involved. Vincent Security and Crimsafe promote campaigns with Neighbourhood Watch Australasia like Secure Score.

 Use An Accredited Company:

When selecting someone to do work on your house, you need to make sure that they have the appropriate licenses and that they are an accredited member of the industry that they work in. This will work in your favour if you have any issues in the future. Sometimes cheaper alternatives are not always the best – if you want something that is quality, it is usually not cheap. But if you want something cheap, it usually isn’t going to be good quality.

Vincent Security are an Australian Owned and Made company. We are a member of the NSSA, and we hold a current QBCC License 730644. We have been in the industry for over 40 years and have a great reputation in the local community and sponsor local sporting clubs. We also are highly regarding in the Building and Construction Industry for all Commercial products and installation.

If you would like for us to visit your home for a free in-home measure and quote that is tailored to your specific security requirements, feel free to contact us on 07 38494555.