6 strategies for a secure home

6 strategies for a secure home

A secure home requires a variety of strategies to ensure that all your entrances are guarded against criminals. Start by assessing the problem areas of your home, and then consider these strategies that could help you stay protected, and allow you to sleep easy at night.

Security screen doors

Security screen doors are perfect if you want to allow the breeze to flow through your property, but you do not want leave the door open and unattended for intruders. Security screens remain locked, but the air can enter through the mesh. This is perfect for staying cool in the peak of summer.

Security screens also allow you to confidently answer the door to strangers, without eliminating a secure barrier between you and them. Find out who is at your door first, before you open up your home.

Window grilles

Burglars can enter through windows as well as doors, especially if you have them on the ground floor or facing onto the street. Your windows cannot be broken into or smashed with window grilles which offer superior levels of home protection.

Security shutters

Security shutters can protect your home, while increasing its attractiveness. Many people are choosing security shutters such as plantation shutters, so they can lock up their home, while still letting in the light, warmth and air.

Fire safe security options

New designs and technologies allow doors to be opened from the inside in a hurry, while still preventing people from entering on the outside. This is important in a fire, when you do not want to rush around looking for a key. Explore the new security options that are also fire safe, to provide your home with the ultimate in protection.

Quality locks

A great door will have minimal effect on security if the lock is not top quality. A great lock will keep your home secure, will be long lasting and will provide convenient entry for the owners of the home.

An active community

Home security should involve the entire community, which means partnering with neighbors to look out for each other’s properties and reporting any unusual activity to the police. An active community also includes security professionals, like Vincent Security who are experienced and passionate about their work.

Vincent Security can help secure your home to provide peace of mind for your entire family. Call us on 07 3849 4555.

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