5 Ways to Boost the Physical Security of Your Home

5 Ways to Boost the Physical Security of Your Home

The physical security of a building is the first line of defence against any intruders able to break and enter and gain access to the premises. Most people have a basic level of security around their homes which can easily be circumvented with the right tools. This includes lock and key access and window latches. However these do little to offer protection if someone decides to target your home.

Vincent Security is the Brisbane based security specialists and in this article we explain 5 ways the security serious homeowners can boost their strength and protection of their physical security systems.

1. Deadbolts and Dead latches:

Deadbolt latches will provide significantly more protection – especially when you are at home. Locks which have a simple pin and tumbler locking device on the door knob or door handle are easy to bypass for a criminal with the right tools who may pick the lock, use a lock bumping technique or other tools.

Your locksmith will be able to advise on more robust and quality lock hardware and provide secondary deadlocks to enhance the security of lock and key systems.

2. Door Strength

Interior and exterior doors should be heavy be reinforced for extra strength. Although you may have very good locks installed, if the door itself is weak the locks will only be as effective as the actual door itself. Most intruders gain entry on the weakest part of the door near the base.

Installing a strike plate can strengthen this area, or if the timber or materials of the door itself are weak, a new stronger door should be fitted.

3. Install Window Security Screen

One of the most common ways break and enters occur is through windows that have been left open a crack or a latch which has been accidentally not clicked in. Second storey windows are  still a target, don’t think an intruder won’t be able to get access to a ladder or use something else around the home to gain access.

Crimsafe Security Screens fitted on each window and door in the home allow you to keep your windows open with confidence knowing that their strength will keep intruders out, while still allowing good airflow, view and keeping insects out.

4. Physical Barriers

Fences, walls and other barriers provide a strong psychological deterrent for would-be trespassers who will be more likely to move onto an easier target when looking which property to hit.

If people passing by your property can easily see into the home this can be an opportunity to case out the home, but entrance gates fences and walls around the home can keep people passing by.

Heavy duty plantation shutters and other window furnishings can be other sight barriers so intruders can’t see your belongings and into your home, while also offering optimum privacy.

5. Keep Gardens and Trees Trimmed to Maintain Visibility

Trimming hedges around windows and doors and other bushes which could serve as cover for an intruder is another way to ensure the physical exterior of your home doesn’t provide a hiding place for people. Large trees with branches which could serve as a ladder in the upper floors should be trimmed.

If you need more advice on how to increase the physical security of your home call the Brisbane security specialists at Vincent Security today on (07) 3849 4555. We can advise of the best door and window security systems, supply and install the right solution for your home and budget with the best contacts in the industry to ensure your home is safe from intruders.

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