5 Reasons to Install Security Grilles for Windows

5 Reasons to Install Security Grilles for Windows

Throughout the Brisbane region, security screens and security grilles are becoming more and more popular. This is particularly so when it comes to security grilles for windows and there are many very good reasons for their increasing prevalence. Many people consider security grilles as a rather invasive security solution, however that is far from true.

Modern technology has seen the designs and materials of security grilles for windows change drastically. The result is a far better product that is widely applicable and, contrary to popular belief, serves more purposes than security alone.

When considering security grilles, think about your own needs. These might include the level of security you want, the aesthetic appeal of your home and the ambience you are looking to foster. Regardless of how specific your needs are, there is sure to be a security screen or security grille to suit your windows. To illustrate the diversity of the many advantages of security grilles , we have compiled a list of the top five reasons to install security grilles for windows.

Enhanced home security

The first and most obvious reason to install security grilles for windows is security. Security is of paramount importance to many homeowners across Brisbane and windows representative a weakness in the overall security of your home. Being glass, windows can easily be broken and intruders often use windows as a point of entry. Even with strong glass, however, there is a still a risk. Windows are often fitted with locks or latches that have a relatively low rating.

This means that windows can usually be jimmied open, which is particularly concerning as it allows potential intruders to enter your home silently. With security grilles, these problems are solved. Security grilles create a strong barrier between your window and any would-be intruders. There are many security grille options on the market and a vast majority are constructed from high-grade steel or iron. This makes them incredibly hard to bend and almost impossible to break. When coupled with solid installation by security experts, security grilles for windows are basically impenetrable.

Reduce your summer energy consumption

Security screens and security grilles are rarely seen as an energy saving installation, however some new designs are useful in this regard. Some types of security screens and security grilles cut down on glare significantly by shading your home from direct sunlight. This prevents your living spaces from heating up as rapidly in the depths of summer. As well as this, all security grilles for windows provide you with the security and peace of mind to leave your windows open at any time of day or night.

Doing this keeps your house nice and open, thereby capitalising on any breezes than drift through. This is a great way to keep cool during summer, without having to turn to your largest energy consumer: the air conditioner. With targeted installation and the right selection of security grilles for windows, you can effectively cut down on your energy consumption this summer and for many summers to come.

Child safety

When you think of security grilles for windows, chances are that you associate them with keeping people out. Sometimes, however, the safety of your children depends on keeping them in. This is particularly so when it comes to multi storey homes or apartments. If your windows overlook a significant drop of one storey or more, then they pose a risk to the safety of your child. Each year, many children are tragically injured as a result of falling from open windows.

The naturally inquisitive nature of a child can result in tragedy when height and windows are involved, but with security grilles for windows, you can eliminate this risk entirely. Security grilles for windows are constructed form solid materials and installed in a way that maximises their strength. This means that they will prevent your child from falling, even if they are playing around the window. This will give you far more peace of mind than even the strongest window will, as most windows can be opened and none offer the same strength and protection as security grilles or screens.


Many homeowners forgo the added security of window grilles due to the common misconception that all security grilles for windows make your home look like a prison. While there are certainly some models that do not offer you great looks, many modern security grilles for windows are designed to complement the visual features of your home and foster a welcoming ambience.

There are many options available and you can hand pick security grilles that match your desired aesthetic. This means that you get the unrivalled protection of a security grille, as well as a great and understated design feature. If you do plenty of research, you are sure to find the right security grille or security screen for you – the first step is to maintain an open mind.

Weather protection

Brisbane is a region with unpredictable weather and frequent summer storms, which often result in costly damage to your home. In the same way that windows represent a weakness in the security of your home, they also represent a feature of all homes that is particularly susceptible to damage. The glass used in windows is not always strong and in most cases it will shatter easily.

This means that debris or branches blown around by the strong winds of a Brisbane storm can easily shatter your windows. Not only will the window itself be expensive to replace, it can also allow rain into your home, which can soak your carpets, valuables and electronics.

Security grilles for windows can be useful in some extreme weather events, as they can prevent some things from smashing your windows in high winds. Large branches and other such debris are likely to be blocked by most security grilles, and the consequent damage will be far less as a result. This is another great reason to invest in some quality security grilles for windows in your home – they can easily save you money in the long run.

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