4 Ways a Security Screen Can Benefit Your Home

4 Ways a Security Screen Can Benefit Your Home

The security of your home should be the most important thing on your mind, after the health and wellbeing of your family. Our private moments are played out behind closed doors, from the highest memories of happiness, to the obstacles we all run into – we keep our valuables inside, material or otherwise, hoping a locked door will be enough to protect them. If you can’t “afford” an alarm system or remain undecided on a little technological help, a security door can benefit your home in a variety of ways.

1. A Safe, Secure Home

Security doors have a central function – to protect your home against the plans of burglars and unwanted intruders. They have strong frames, constructed from solid welded aluminium that is both people and weather resistant; Vincent Security offer a range of steel screens to complement a range of attractive frames. Extra features can include heavy duty locks and non-removable pin hinges can further combat chances of break-in and security breaches.

 2. Boost the Value of Your Home

If you’re concerned about matching décor, there’s a range of colours and designs that can be matched to suit your style tastes, without sacrificing security. Appearances aside, potential buyers and tenants will be attracted to the safety a security screen can grant just by being installed – given a choice between a flimsy vinyl screen door and a stable screen, a potential intruder will probably opt for the path of least resistance.

3. Open the Doors

Summer can be a real drain on the bank balance. Air conditioning, fans and de-humidifiers all cost money to run; whether we realise it or not, many of us are hesitant to open the front door to increase airflow due to a lack of security. A welded aluminium screen can remove this hesitation while keeping your house cooler sans the air conditioner – one installation cost versus ongoing running charges? What decision would you make?

 4. Say Goodbye to Bugs

Australia is known for its creepy crawlies. Cockroaches, spiders, ants, crickets, even ambitious cane toads can make their way inside uninvited if the door is open too long. A security screen door will keep those many legged, scaly or slippery creatures at bay while providing cross ventilation in the sizzling months of summer or insulation during winter.

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