Choosing a Pet Door Size for your Security Screen Doors

How to measure your pet flap opening.

To order the correct size pet flap, you can measure your pet as follows:

Step 1

Measure your pet from the bottom of the chest to the top of their neck. (not head, as they will duck down to go through the door)

add 1-2 cm clearance, this will be the height of the opening for the pet flap.


You will need to allow for the security screen door frame when measuring the height.

This will be roughly 105mm to step over from the floor, there will be a slight difference once taking into consideration sill of the glass sliding door, or hinge door where the security screen door will be fitted to.


Step 2

Measure your pet from shoulder to shoulder, add 1-2 cm clearance, this will be the height of the opening for the pet flap.

This will be the width of the pet flap.

Step 3

To a final check before ordering. You can use a of cardboard and cut the dimensions of the different size pet flaps. Start with the small flap if unsure.

Small Pet Flap Template

Step 4

Test pet through the opening if too small cut out the next size up, then retest your pet.


Pet flaps can be fitted into

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors

VS Welded 7mm Diamond Security Screen Doors

Mid Strength Diamond Security Screen Doors

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If you would like to organise a Free measure & Quote for your security screen door with a pet flap, contact us today!



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