10 Holiday Home Security Tips

10 Holiday Home Security Tips

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to get ready for time away with the family that you’ve been looking forward to but getting ready to go away means more than just packing your bags. Before you leave your home you will need to consider how secure it is to be left unattended. To help you out, we have come up with ten of our best holiday home security tips.

#1 A list of holiday home security tips should start with security doors!

Let’s start with the home security basics: security doors! Security doors are a valuable addition to your home at any time of year and they really do come into their own during holiday times. With high standard, quality security doors, you will get peace of mind that while you’re away, they will be working hard to keep out unwanted visitors.

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#2 Choosing security screens for windows to increase the level of home security

Once you have gotten the doors sorted, you should look at completing the security but choosing security screens for your windows. If your doors look heavily protected, it could be an option to enter through a window. You will need to be consistent with the high level of security on your doors and window, to deter intruders away from your home.

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#3 Holiday home security tips: sensor lighting is important

With security screens in place, you are nearly ready for holidays. While the security screens and doors will protect your home, the addition of sensor lights to the main entrances of the property can prove to be very useful. They will eliminate people getting close to the home, and will make them reconsider entering the property.

#4 It mightn’t sound like a top holiday home security tip, but mowing your lawn can help!

You may not have considered this we can assure you that it’s important nonetheless! Mowing your lawn before you go will make your home look well kept and inhabited as an unruly garden is one thing that organised thieves look for; the unkempt grass can suggest that nobody has been home for a while. If you leave your home looking immaculate these holidays, you may get overlooked for your home being targeted.

#5 Alarm systems: holiday home security tips and technology go hand in hand!

Alarm systems are getting more and more advanced which makes them a valuable addition to our list of holiday home security tips! Fitting alarms in your home before you leave is another great way to protect both your home and ease your mind while you are away from your home. If you are confident in the security protecting your home, you can spend more time enjoying your holidays.

#6 One of our best holiday home security tips is to let your neighbours know when you go away

To us, the best approach to get the most out of enjoying your holiday is to combine the new with the old. The new security protecting your home can also work great with an old-fashioned approach to security: let your neighbours know you’re away. They can keep an eye on things and if they see any suspicious activity, they’re more likely to report it if they know you’re not in town.

#7 Going on a long holiday? Get a friend to check on your house

If you are considering going for an extended break, another great home security tip is to let your close friends know you’re going, even entrusting one of them with a spare key. In your absence, they can go in and make sure everything is as it should be. Allowing someone to go and check your home, is an added precaution that could help protect your home.

#8 Holiday home security tips for your interior: secure all your valuables before you go

In a ‘worst case scenario’ if, for some reason, someone does get into your home, you want to limit the damage they can do. Making sure you secure your valuables is a great place to start. If you have a safe, or even just a secure draw, we recommend locking your more valuable possessions away and remember to never leave your car keys in an accessible place! If it doesn’t look like you have anything to take, this can deter unwanted visitors.

#9 Conduct a thorough check of your home’s exterior before you go!

So far, our list of holiday home security tips has covered pretty much everything. But have you? Always be sure to check your home’s exterior thoroughly before you go. Make a checklist of everything that has to be secured and ensure that you have done so. Then, look at your home through a different lens; think about any possible points of entry or any weaknesses in your external security. If you find that you have a few concerns, speak with a security consultant about improving your home security before your holidays get underway.

#10 Finally, make sure your details and policies are up to date and that you can always be contacted

Sometimes it is not always a break-in that has occurred to compromise your home security but weather conditions can also contribute to damage in your home. If you have recently moved or you may be new to the area, make sure that all your details are current on insurance policies and with your alarm monitoring company. You may decide that you are not the best contact and you may need to give details of someone looking after your home, or it may be easier to receive an email rather than accept a phone call.  Always make sure that you give response teams the best chance at having them protect your home against uncontrollable events.

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